Since our first expo in 1998, exhibitors and attendees alike have always found something to keep them coming back year after year. Here's what they have to say about their experience.

I found the staff so friendly and helpful. Anytime I asked a question or needed help.
Thank you Anne for your personal and warm touch as well. I love seeing so many people (both exhibitors and attendees)'s like family!

- Laura Bertin
We have attended this show for 5 years.
It has always been successful & well
organized. We always look forward to seeing friends

- Michael Parker
Mind Body Spirit Expo is one of our most effective experiences each year. Attendence is great, and so many attendees are interested in our our organization and message

- Nick Cooney
When I come to this fair it's
like "old home" time for me.
As I re-unite with my friends. A terrific fair.

-Ted Leydon
I got 28 new clients from last year's expo. I only regret that I didn't find out about exhibiting until now. Awesome. Simple awesome show.

- Master Park
I do 50 shows per year but this one
has been the very best one.

- Ingrid Werner

Anne Khoury and her team ran a wonderful show! Robert was kind, efficient and ran the show like a pro. The volunteers were most helpful and patient. The energy of the space overall felt great!

-Metaphysical Mentoring Inst.


It was an awesome way to meet people and network with other exhibitors about my book. Anne, thanks for helping get in the expo. It was a blessing to meet like minded people!

-Michael Nardi

Take a video look at our Spring 2011 Mind Body Spirit Expo:


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