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We are taking off this year, 2016, and will be back next year, 2017.







Unlike many other holistic and spiritual expos, the Mind Body Spirit Expo brings in some of the top names in field. And unlike other expos, we also spend considerable advertising dollars(billboards, radio, tv, print media, etc) to get the word out.


Our "Mind Body Spirit Expo" should not be confused with smaller similarly titled expos out there. We actually have a Trademark on the name and have been in existence in the Philadelphia Tri-State Area (PA, NJ, DE) for 19 years.


Each expo brings in thousands of enthusiastic attendees (as many or more than other expos who advertise that they are the largest expos in the country). These attendees are the perfect target audience for your service or product.

Our Fall 2017

Mind Body Spirit Expo

Valley Forge Convention Center

King of Prussia, PA





Interested in being an Exhibitor at one of our Expos? Please fill out form below to receive exhibitor information about our future expos or call 215-627-0102

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Below are some clips from our 1st show at the New Jersey Convention Center in Edison!



And here is our commerical for our Fall 2012 show in Philadelphia that

was shown on the Dr. Oz Show, on Oprah's network and other shows.



We created a special YouTube Video with Puppetji for our Somerset, NJ expo, highlighting our special guests and exhibitors:



Aside from our major guest speakers, unmatched by other similar expos,

and scores of free lectures, each Mind Body Spirit Expo has over

110-135 exhibitors who showcase their products or services.

This is what a typical Mind Body Spirit Expo looks like

(clips from expos in Oaks and Edison):





Each Mind Body Spirit Expo has an Expo Guide that is published as part of the acclaimed New Visions Magazine, which is in full color and on glossy paper, unlike the guides of other expos that use cheap newprint paper whose ink smears in your hand. This quality expo issue is distributed to hundreds of locations in the Philadelphia Tri-State area and is also handed out to each expo attendee. It is the perfect way for your service or product to get noticed.


As we must go to press a couple of months before the actual date of the expo, it is recommended that you find out about placing an ad as soon as possible. Don't miss the deadline, as has happened to some! (Click here to find out more about advertising in the Expo Guide of New Visions.)



click on above cover to read our most recent issue online!





Below are the move-in times for the Mind Body Spirit Expo at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center, 100 Station Ave, Oaks PA 19456:


Friday, October 2nd, Move-In:


A Booths (6ft) 9:00am –11am
B Booths (8ft) 10:30am – 12:30pm
C Booths (10ft) 11:00am -1:00pm


FOOD PERMIT - Any exhibitor distributing food or food samples must complete a Temporary Food Establishment Permit Application with the county. Please contact Anne at (215) 627-0102.


WIFI, ELECTRIC AND REBER-FRIEL SERVICE KIT – Any exhibitor who needs WiFi, electricity or shipment should go to our exhibitor page which contains all the necessary forms. (See top of this page.)



For each expo we print up small discount coupon flyers and send out email attachment flyers with a space on each (“courtesy of”) where you can put your name or company name.  At the expo, attendees bring in these discount coupons, which we count at the end.  The person or company that brings in the most coupons (30 is a minimum for consideration) will win $100.  Active participation in this program helps all of us by bringing in more people to the expo, which in turn helps exhibitors to access a greater pool of potential clients. It’s suggested that you e-mail out your coupons every other week for maximum impact. You can also include the coupon in your newsletter or an Expo listing in your newsletter. Printouts of these e-mails and newsletters will be counted toward your coupon distribution total.  If you wish to receive these e-mail coupons, please call Anne at (215) 627-0102. Please note: Coupons cannot be distributed right outside of the expo to attendees who are entering the expo. The purpose of the coupons is to interest people to attend the expo, not as discount giveways once they are on their way to the expo or at the expo. Anyone found distributing coupons in this manner will have to reimburse the expo for monies lost and will be disqualified from the coupon program.

BADGES - You will receive your badges and your helpers’ badges at booth registration on Friday Oct.2. 6 ft booths receive 2 badges, 8ft booths 3 badges and 10 ft booths 4 badges. If you need more badges they will cost $10 each and lost badges will also cost $10 each.

SHOW HOURS: Friday 4-9pm, Saturday 10am-8pm, Sunday 10am–6pm

MOVE-IN TIMES: Friday Oct. 2nd: A Booths (6ft) 9:00am –11am, B Booths (8ft) 10:30am – 12:30pm, C Booths (10ft) 11:00am -1:00pm. All booths must be ready by 3pm on Friday. No boxes will be allowed through the main entrance after 3pm on Friday or after 9:30am on Saturday or Sunday.

There will be dollies available on a first come first serve basis. If you need any manpower, we have staff available at a rate of $25 for up to 1 hour. This must be reserved ahead of time. Please remember the expo floor must be ready by 3pm on Friday, Oct. 2nd. We won't be allowed to move in with big boxes after that time.


PLEASE REMEMBER:  1) Make sure you bring a sheet to cover your table overnight. The Exhibit space will be locked down after expo hours. 2) NO incense burning. 3) No loud music or noise that would disturb your neighbor.

EXHIBITOR PACKETS: Your exhibitor packet which includes any forms you may ­need, can be found on our website at the top of this page. Your booth comes with a table, two chairs, a sign and a wastebasket. If you require more furniture or to ship freight, please contact Reber-Friel at (610) 265-7310.

I am looking forward to seeing you at the expo. If you have questions, please call us at (215) 627-0102.

Thank you,

Anne Khoury, Expo Director






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